Phase 1

The installation of ViciBox is pretty straight forward. There have been some issues reported when installing over previous installations of Linux. The best way to insure a smooth installation is to wipe the drives before hand.

Install ViciBox

  1. Boot from the install Media.

  2. By default the install media will boot from the servers local drive. Select Install ViciBox and press ENTER to start the ViciBox install.

  3. If there are multiple disks present in the system you will need to select the boot disk. Typically the first disk in the list is the first boot disk. Using the up and down arrow keys select the installation disk and press ENTER

  4. A confirmation dialog box will open to confirm the destruction of all data on the installation disk. If you proceed past this point there will be permanent data loss on the installation disk. Press ENTER to select YES and start the installation process.

  5. You will see a couple of progress indicators as the installer copies ViciBox to the installation disk. After that the system will boot from the installation disk and continue installing. After a short wait a login: prompt will be displayed along with the current network configuration. At this point the rest of the instruction can be carried out through either the console or SSH.

  6. At the login: prompt type root and press ENTER

  7. The first root login to the system will start a configuration wizard. Press ENTER to continue.

  8. Using the up and down arrow keys, select the system’s localisation and press ENTER.

  9. Using the up and down arrow keys, select the system’s keyboard layout and press ENTER.

  10. Using the up and down arrow keys, read through the license until satisfied. Press ENTER to continue.

  11. Using the TAB key, select Yes and press Enter to accept the license.

  12. Using the up and down arrow keys, select the system’s local timezone and press ENTER.

  13. Type in the new root password you want to use and press ENTER. To keep the old root password type in vicidial.

  14. Type in the new root password again from the above step to confirm it and press ENTER.

  15. At this point the system will apply the settings before finally giving a vicibox11:~ # command prompt.

Congrats, ViciBox has been installed.


Select Install ViciBox
Select ViciBox installer
Select Installation Disk
Select installation disk if multiple drives
Confirm data destruction
Confirm erasure of installation disk
Installing to disk
ViciBox is being installed to the installation disk
Login as root
Login Prompt
Select system locale
Select systems local
Select keyboard layout
Select the systems keyboard layout
Read through license
Read through the systems licenses
Accept the license
Accept the licenses
Select timezone
Select systems timezone
Type in new root password
Enter the systems new root password
Confirm the new root password
Confirm the new root password
Command prompt, installation complete.
Installation is complete when you have a command prompt