This documentation is for the IT guy or sysadmin tasked with installing and maintaining ViciBox with back-end aspects that integrate with ViciDial. It does not go over ViciDial administration such as creating users, loading leads, configuring campaigns, etc. The goal is to get ViciBox to the point where those things are all thats left.

For ViciDial administration we recommend downloading the official manuals. There is an Agent and Manager manual which cover all aspects of their respective web interfaces. They are available in either a free low-resolution black and white version or a high-resolution color paid-for version. The manuals are available at

Lastly, while this documentation aims to be complete it will never cover everything. That is why the ViciBox manual was recreated as a GitHub project. This will allow anyone to submit changes and additions to the manual for review. Who knows, the next one who benefits from what you submit might just be future you the next time you run into a problem. Ask me how I know.

Reading Guide

In order to remove as much ambiguity as possible a certain syntax or style was be implemented. It is there to help readers understand what the intent of that instruction is. The following table shows how this style is implemented, what the intent is, along with a working example.

Style and Syntax Example

As Written



some Prompt

Look for the Prompt to come up on the CLI or console

at command prompt #

type this

Type everything in the block on the keyboard

type yast lan and

press KEY

Press the corresponding key, do not type out K E Y

press the ENTER key

press TAB

You may need to press the tab key multiple times

press TAB to move

press KEY1-KEY2

Press KEY1 and KEY2 at the same time

press ALT-O for OK