11.0.0 MD Image

The MD installation image was getting a /boot directory that was only 200 megs in size. This prevented newer kernel updates from getting installed. The fix is to remove the separate /boot partition and just use the / root filesystem for /boot. This has been corrected in ViciBox v.11.0.1. These instructions should only be followed if a ViciBox v.11.0.0 system has already had vicibox-mdraid1 ran successfully.


When attempting to update the system using zypper up you will get an error when a new kernel attempts to install. This results in no new kernel updates being installed.

Example zypper Output
(167/212) Installing: kernel-firmware-amdgpu-20230724-150500.3.3.1.noarch [done]
(168/212) Installing: kernel-firmware-all-20230724-150500.3.3.1.noarch ...[done]
  installing package kernel-default-5.14.21-150500.55.12.1.x86_64 needs 26MB on the /boot filesystem
(169/212) Installing: kernel-default-5.14.21-150500.55.12.1.x86_64 ......[error]
Installation of kernel-default-5.14.21-150500.55.12.1.x86_64 failed:
Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: Command exited with status 1.
Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i] (a):

The Fix

  1. If not already, login as the root user to get to the # command prompt.

  2. Copy and paste or type the following commands in to fix the issue:

Remove /boot partition
cd /
umount /boot/efi
mkdir boot-orig
rsync -ravv /boot/ /boot-orig/
umount /boot
rsync -ravv /boot-orig/ /boot/
mount /boot/efi
cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.orig
sed -i '/boot ext4/c\' /etc/fstab