These instructions only apply if the MultiDevice ISO installation media was used. If the two drives are not the exact same size then the smaller drive must be the drive selected during installation. There is no way to add a second drive to a RAID array if it’s not at least the same size or bigger then the first drive.


MD RAID setup can be temperamental. If there are any problems during the installation it’s recommended to wipe all drives and start over. That can be done by running wipefs -fa /dev/sda and wipefs -fa /dev/sdb prior to reinstalling.


  1. If not already, login as the root user to get to the # command prompt.

  2. Type vicibox-mdraid1 and press ENTER to start the setup process.

  3. A summary of what will be done is shown. Type Y and press ENTER start setting up the RAID array.

  4. If any old RAID arrays are found the script will prompt if you want to remove them. Type Y and press ENTER to remove the old arrays.

  5. When done, it’s recommended to return to the command prompt instead of watching the arrays rebuild. Type N and press ENTER to exit to the # command prompt

  6. To check the status of the MD RAID arrays, type cat /proc/mdstat and press ENTER. md1 is the swap array and md2 is the root array.

  7. While not strictly necessary, it’s advised to reboot the server at this time. Type reboot and press ENTER to reboot the server.


Run vicibox-mdraid1
Add second drive and setup RAID 1
If old RAID detected, clear it out
If old RAID arrays are found, try to remove them
Verify RAID array is setup
Reboot for good measure for any system updates
Wipe all drives and reinstall