Express Box

With vicibox-express all three ViciDial roles will be installed onto a single server. This is best suited for contact centers with less then 20 agents or as a proof of concept. It is the recommend starting point for first time users of ViciBox as it’s the easiest option.

Different roles can later be split off and moved to different servers. After all, an express box is just all three roles running on a single server. These roles can be moved to different servers on the network as needs changes.


  1. If not already, login as the root user to get to the # command prompt.

  2. Type vicibox-express and press ENTER.

  3. Type Y and press ENTER to start the installation.

  4. Once you are back at the # command prompt, the installation is complete. Type reboot and press ENTER.

  5. Once the reboot is complete, log back in as root to get to the # command prompt.

  6. Type screen -ls and press ENTER. While it might take upwards of 5 minutes, eventually there should be 11 Sockets in /run/screens/S-root shown before returning to the # command prompt

  7. Type asterisk -r and press ENTER to connect to the Asterisk console. There should be different processes like sendcron logging on and off.

  8. Type quit and press ENTER to exit back to the # command prompt.

  9. In a web browser, type in the servers IP address, I.E., and press ENTER

  10. Click on Administration and login. The default Username is 6666 with Password 1234. Upon login you should see the ViciDial Initial Setup screen.

ViciDial is now successfully installed and running. It’s recommended to continue with the initial ViciDial setup and then give the 6666 user all Admin permissions.


Run vicibox-express and install
Run vicibox-express to install
Reboot when done
Reboot when done to cleanly load ViciDial
Verify ViciDial is running
Verify that ViciDial and Asterisk are running
Verify web server is up
Verify that the web server is running
Login to ViciDial
Login to ViciDial to continue setting it up
Continue on to the Initial Setup
Continue on with the Initial ViciDial configuration