Change External IP

Whenever the external IP is changed a few settings need to be changed in ViciBox to match. To help facilitate that the vicibox-externip script was added. This script will attempt to auto-detect the correct external IP and insert that into Asterisk. Alternatively, you can provide the new IP to the script when you run it.


  1. If not already, login as the root user to get to the # command prompt.

  2. Type vicibox-externip and press ENTER. Alternatively, type in the IP address to use as well, I.E. vicibox-externip

  3. Review the IP summary information, and press Y and press ENTER to make the change and update asterisk.

Other Change

In addition to modifying the asterisk configuration, the following items will also need to be checked and possibly adjusted.

Items to check
  • External Server IP under Admin ‣ Servers

  • DNS entries that pointed to the old server IP

  • Sounds Web Server under Admin ‣ System Settings