White List

The white list allows certain IP address’ through the build-in firewall. This is controlled through an IP List inside ViciDial called ViciWhite. This allows for easy administration as the firewall can be controlled from the Admin interface.


The White List is only compatible with the Dynamic Portal. Below are the changes you would make to the ViciBox crontab entry. The recommendation is to just delete the old entries and copy-paste these in. The crontab entries shown are for White List Only and White List with Dynamic Portal.

White List only crontab
### ViciBox integrated firewall, using whitelist only, and check once every minute
@reboot /usr/bin/VB-firewall --white --quiet
* * * * * /usr/bin/VB-firewall --white --quiet
White List with Dynamic Portal crontab
### ViciBox integrated firewall, using whitelist and dynamic portal, and check once every minute
@reboot /usr/bin/VB-firewall --white --dynamic --quiet
* * * * * /usr/bin/VB-firewall --white --dynamic --quiet

The IP List feature must be enabled under Admin ‣ Settings.

All services under the Public zone should be removed except dhcpv6-client and rtp.

Any IP address on the White List will be handled through the External zone in yast firewall. By default all the services needed for ViciDial are already listed in this zone.


The White List can be controlled through the ViciWhite IP list. This can be found by going to Admin ‣ IP Lists. The format is simple with one IP or CIDR network per line. Any changes made may take up to 2-minutes to apply.

Sample White List entries